Two Recession Remedies AND Being a Decisive Leader – Ep 98

On this episode of KBRS, we look at two ways for policymakers to remedy a recessionary event. How do they differ? Why deflation isn’t necessarily that bad… AND why none of this will matter and they will just keep blowing up asset bubbles. 
THEN! I move into the actionable leadership side of the show. BEING A DECISIVE LEADER is extremely important on your road to building great things. I talk about the importance of, and how to work on this useful trait. 
The 100th episode is coming soon! Stay tuned for that one especially as we make TWO big announcements!

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DISCLAIMER! I am NOT your financial advisor. Do your own research. I advocate heavily that you should make intelligent and informed decisions based on your own understanding or hire someone that does this for you.
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Kyle Keegan

Kyle Keegan is a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur from Houston, TX. He has been self-employed since age 19 and has made every sacrifice and hustle necessary to make it work. Currently the CEO of three companies. Kill Bigger Media, providing high quality and educational business resources to entrepreneurs. A VC funded government technology startup and finally an industrial supply company serving some of the world’s largest companies. He is passionate about philanthropy, freedom, capitalism, economics, personal finance, investing and real estate. He has a BA in Business from Baylor University.

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