Are you Ready To Bring Leadership To Your Venture?

Individuals are finite. Businesses are infinite. Let’s build something that is actually bigger than you!

It is time to do something today that your future self will thank you for. It is time to free yourself from the tyranny of “finite.” 

It is time to Kill Bigger…

time to "Kill Bigger"

At Kill Bigger Media, we believe that leadership is the single most important aspect of business. It is the reason some companies remain an owner/operator, small business and other companies make that jump and proceed to grow without restraints.

In our leadership consulting, we work with companies of all
sizes to create a growth minded outlook. We also consider available resources
of our clients. There is no one size fit all program for every company. Some of
these arrangements can be very short term and others might take a while.
Regardless of the position you find your company in at this stage. There is a
good chance we can help make your company more scalable, more delegated, more profitable, more successful, and more valuable.

How many of these questions have you asked?

  • Where can I get a budget website?
  • Can I learn app developing to save some money?
  • How can I suck up to customers to avoid bad reviews on Amazon and Yelp?
  • How can I game the PPC system with perfect keywords and per click pricing?
  • How long can I make that last when I figure it out?

I don’t know about you… but I would rather think bigger than that.

I am honestly convinced that starting a business in the red market sea of cheap snowball, bandwagon businesses is FAR MORE DIFFICULT long term than doing something seriously influential and scalable.

I’ve been in this for a few months now. I don’t want to give away the secret sauce, but I’ll say this: I started my project thinking I’d come out of it with 2-4 million. I currently expect to personally have a few hundred million in the next 6-8 years.

Brandon M.

Kyle is nothing short of one of the most impressive whirlwind forces I’ve ever met.

Jason T.

What we will do together

In this program’s infancy, we were talking about primarily capitalization and investment strategy. What this has become is FAR more custom tailored. I would consider it more of an overall strategy partner. We take a look at the matters at hand together and address them with the best possible action considering any constraints. The goal is moving forward. Always.

TOGETHER we work through the ins and outs of what you can do and what you might have to wait on. NOTHING is rushed or flippant. Everything is calculated. I don’t push you to do things you are unable to handle or to take unnecessary risk. I am a good steward of your money.

Among the strategies we have addressed in the incubator so far:

Zero to One business launch




General growth

Cashflow management

Inventory management

Deal structure with outside entities

Government relations

Personal finance

Capitalization strategy

Legacy building

And more...

Kyle is the real deal folks.

He held my hand during a few first key conversations for the latest venture that I am a part of, and I was absolutely terrified during them. I was afraid to talk to customers and felt like I was in WAY over my head.

Fast forward to today, and with some help shifting my mindset, I have been in conversation with some fairly high ranking individuals in massive companies and I don’t even think twice. If I even mention this he is always there to kick my a$$ and let me know that I am still thinking little a scared little chicken. What I think is massive, turns out is 1/100th of massive, and I have been aligning accordingly.

Graham M.


  • If you want to foster critical thinking to overcome extremely difficult barriers to entry and enter markets with the kind of strength that the world’s foremost companies did before you, let’s talk.
  • If you agree with me that leadership is by far the most important expertise, let’s talk.
  • If you know there is a better way than trying to organically grow a 40k per year venture into a multimillion dollar company, let’s talk.
  • If you recognize the reason some companies fly to the millions mark and others never make it, despite the proprietors being highly intelligent, let’s talk.
  • If you want a pitch that makes investors take you very seriously, let’s talk.
  • If you have an awesome idea, but no clue where to start. Let’s definitely talk!

Let’s Kill Bigger.

Kyle has been invaluable in not only helping me see the bigger picture, but also refining my strategies. If you’re remotely interested in building a business that soars into the 8 or 9 figure range, Kyle is the guy to help you find that path.

Scot S.

I’ve been working with Kyle in his Kill Bigger Program for two months. This program appealed to me because I wanted to put my business in a position to raise money this year. I’m very pleased with the results thus far and the best results are yet to come. Larger accomplishments take longer to come to fruition and that is what this program is focused on. BIGGER RESULTS.

If you are ready to put in the work and are serious in taking things to the next-level I would strongly recommend this program.

Greg R.

Why you shouldn’t join

  • If you don’t have an idea yet, don’t apply, I am not an idea genie.
  • If you or your venture are ethically questionable. I am not interested.
  • I am not an expert in SEO, PPC, FBA, keyword research, social media, white hat, black hat or pointy hat.
  • If you think I am going to do the work for you, don’t apply.
  • If you want me to save your FBA store, you should know I let mine basically fail, and don’t apply.
  • If you think I have all the answers, you should know I don’t, and don’t apply.
  • If your plan is to hire me for one month and cram as much into our time together as possible only to quit the next month, don’t apply. You’ll completely miss the point of joining anyway and it will be a waste of your “scarce” resources.
  • If you aren’t willing to do a significant amount of work, don’t apply.
  • If you think I am making ANY guarantees to your outcome, I am not, and don’t apply.
  • I will FIRE YOU if you’re not taking the required initiative, because I want you to have good results.

Still reading? Good!

The rest of this is for those of you that want more out of business.

Consulting starts at $3,000 per month. It is a pretty in-depth program and I feel like customers get quite a bit for the money.

In this program, you will have open access to me via Skype chat and scheduled calls as needed.

Every weekday morning you will hear from me. We discuss marching orders and next steps. I am available outside of that, but the mornings are really our discussion time. The goal is to keep moving forward.

My goal for our time together… I want to assist you with hard-learned lessons from my own entrepreneurial journey. I want to train strong CEOs that can overcome problems by leading through them. I want you to Kill Bigger.

I’m a nerdy type that likes to be in the weeds of some highly technical stuff. Kyle has really helped to pull me back to see the bigger picture, as well as to focus more on the longer term vision for what I want to accomplish, and how to take that to the next level.

If you’re already in motion and have something going, I’d recommend applying. The chances are good that you’re too wrapped up in the details of your venture, and are missing some huge opportunities. This program can help you see the forest despite the trees, and discover the bigger opportunities.

Phil T.


Fill in the form below and send me a descriptive rundown on who you are, your background, what you do, where you want to be and what you hope to get out of our time together.

Please note that the schedule stays pretty full, so the only time a spot opens up is when someone decides to drop out. (This usually only happens when one of the consulting clients has gotten to a place with their business where they have an established game plan for growth, cashflows and advancement, and it makes sense for the foreseeable future that they act on these plans.) If you apply and don’t get accepted right away, you still could be considered later if a spot opens up.

I am looking forward to hearing from those of you that want to make a change.

During our daily chats we uncovered a multi-dimensional, scalable and exciting business idea.

Kyle’s suggestions helped me clarify the idea for the company and take the first steps. Most importantly, our daily conversations and his insights have greatly boosted my confidence in building a new business.

In a matter of just a few weeks I went from nothing to a legitimate business with team members and a marketing strategy to grow it.