Think Big and then Think Bigger than That

This got me going today (my poor wife ;)) I think it’s interesting.

Texas Central

The facts are…
• The project will cost upwards of $15 billion.
• It is a private Texas based company and it has never built a high speed railroad before.
• They have the finances to complete the project.
• The project is underway and 100 percent approved on the regulatory side of things.
• There is zero chance that any of these guys put up the 15 billion.

So how are they involved in such a large scale entrepreneurship endeavor?

Like I’ve said before, they became the expert. They traveled around the world and talked with the entities that build, run and maintain high speed rails. They learned everything there was to know about them and brought it to Texas where they had an answer to every question an investor might have had. They raised enough money to finance a 15 billion dollar railroad. They are building a wild dream basically from a level of competence and the leadership to surround themselves with the right people.

Are you on the millionaire fastlane? Or are you on “The thousandaire fastlane! Make as much as a corporate job with 5x the stress and 100% of the risk!”

This should be a HUGE lesson in thinking big. These guys did and they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you. No one is born an expert at anything. Start thinking BIG!

Kyle Keegan

Kyle Keegan is a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur from Houston, TX. He has been self-employed since age 19 and has made every sacrifice and hustle necessary to make it work. Currently the CEO of three companies. Kill Bigger Media, providing high quality and educational business resources to entrepreneurs. A VC funded government technology startup and finally an industrial supply company serving some of the world’s largest companies. He is passionate about philanthropy, freedom, capitalism, economics, personal finance, investing and real estate. He has a BA in Business from Baylor University.

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