The last two days really shocked me in a way that they didn’t the first time I read those statistics… The difference in the mindset of the rich and the poor couldn’t be more profound. Trying to shoot for “equality” with this FOUNDATIONAL difference in belief system is like putting a band aid on cancer.
I was inspired by the statistics I read to my listeners on the air… There is a clear educational divide that produces a clear difference in the mindsets of the wealthy and the poor.
Stupid is a choice. Smart is a choice. The things you decide to take responsibility for in this world are a choice… MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THIS!
When you understand the findings in these statistics, is there really any surprise that we have the collectivist mentality we have today? The herd. It is a conflict of interest for the government to teach these truths in school, so the principles of individualism must be taught independently. I believe this message needs to be out there. I believe it will improve the lives of others tremendously.

I mentioned Ayn Rand’s works in this show, get them here (perhaps before some zealous politician bans them):

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