A Little Bit of Proof That America, unfortunately, isn’t Capitalist…

“Dow Jones Futures Jump 200 Points On New Trump Stimulus Tweets; Apple’s New iPhone Set For Reveal”

“Dow Slammed; Stocks Sell Off Hard After Trump Halts Stimulus Talks”

“Dow Jones Rallies 400 Points On Trump Tweet After Tuesday’s Market Meltdown”

ALL THREE OF THESE HEADLINES are on the homepage of Yahoo Finance at the same time. The volatility is off the charts… If we lived in a truly capitalist country, would the business community care this much what a politician had to say? No.

The reality is the business community hangs on Trump’s every word and that indicates the insurmountable correlation between government policy and business strength. Given the the fact that government exists, there was always going to be a correlation there, but under true capitalism, it should almost be white noise to true market conditions.

Kyle Keegan

Kyle Keegan is a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur from Houston, TX. He has been self-employed since age 19 and has made every sacrifice and hustle necessary to make it work. Currently the CEO of three companies. Kill Bigger Media, providing high quality and educational business resources to entrepreneurs. A VC funded government technology startup and finally an industrial supply company serving some of the world’s largest companies. He is passionate about philanthropy, freedom, capitalism, economics, personal finance, investing and real estate. He has a BA in Business from Baylor University.

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