Full Service Radio Advertising

Kill Bigger Media is a full service radio advertising agency offering the lowest prices and highest converting messaging, with a network capable of reaching 9 out of 10 americans monthly.

Through a strategic partnership with iHeartRadio, Kill Bigger Media has the ability to craft radio campaigns from small and local to massive and national. With narrow demographic targeting, wide broadcast messaging, and everything in between, there is a package that will preform for every business.

Kyle was inspired to be able to offer more to his advertisers...

While learning the radio industry, Kyle realized he wanted to be able to offer more than just advertising on his own radio show. He set out to work with the largest radio company in the world, iHeartRadio. Through a strategic partnership, Kill Bigger Media is now able to offer a full suite of super effective radio advertising in addition to midroll time on The Kyle Keegan Radio Show.

Not only is radio advertising effective, but it is also prestigious, and credible.  

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow built a simple pillow company to over $300 million dollars in annual revenue using the power of radio. You can harness the same incredible power by starting small and working up to larger and larger campaigns. 

Let's get your Brand on the Radio!

Every campaign we create for our customers is a custom solution perfectly tailored to budget and customer demographics. With more than 860 radio stations and 150 million monthly podcast downloads, our advertising network reaches 9 out of 10 Americans every month.

Something for every budget. From $500 to $500,000 per month the strategy can scale enormously with almost ZERO diminishing returns. Try that with Google or Facebook… 

Advertising buys include FREE copywriting, recording, mastering and normalization to radio standards. 

We believe that at the core of every good business is a capitalistic, win-win, value exchange. Our radio advertising is an exciting and clear extension of our values.