About Kyle Keegan

Kyle Keegan is a 31-year-old serial entrepreneur from Houston, TX. He has been self-employed since age 19 and has made every sacrifice and hustle necessary to make it work. After graduating from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, his first scalable venture was WePowerTexas.com an electricity brokerage firm serving the deregulated Texas electricity markets. He was the first broker in the market to offer e-signature enrollment to large commercial customers. Until then, faxes were industry standard and a hurdle to the sales process. After several years of building this online sales machine, Kyle sold off the book of business and decided to move on to another venture that was just heating up.

Kyle was early to the Amazon FBA goldrush with his brand of cigar humidor boxes, later developing a stable Latin-American supply chain of even higher quality products. He grew this company concurrently with two other ventures he also became interested in. Later selling the company after significant competition entered the market. In this process he learned the value of originality in business and creative art form of leading the business forward to stay ahead of competition.

Kyle is currently the CEO of three companies. Kill Bigger Media, providing high quality and educational business resources to entrepreneurs. A VC funded government technology startup and finally an industrial supply company serving some of the world’s largest companies.

Kyle is married to his amazing, entrepreneurial, go-getter wife Brittany Keegan, who has twice been featured on the radio show. Kyle is on the board of a Christian television show and serves in an advisory role to several ambitious upstarts.

He is passionate about philanthropy, freedom, capitalism, economics, personal finance, and investing. He has a BA in Business from Baylor University.

Why “Kill Bigger?”

There are a couple of reasons for the name “Kill Bigger” and where it came from.

The FIRST and biggest reason is kind of funny. It is a two word domain that was cheap that I could also build something around. Yep, I am honest. 

The SECOND reason… In entrepreneurial circles there is a metaphor that is often thrown around… As an entrepreneur you are “eating what you kill.” It is all up to YOU. It is YOUR business. There is no one that is going to be as excited about or take your business as seriously as you.

“Killing Bigger,” to me, means that you have taken this a step further. You are killing bigger so you can eat bigger. It is setting sights on larger goals and build things that matter. Businesses that provide lasting value. Businesses that are simply bigger than one entrepreneur.

Also, as professing Christians, Kyle and Brittany relate Killing Bigger to the bible story of David and Goliath. David chose to battle Goliath despite his immeasurable disadvantage. He did something that no one else had the confidence to do. Yet he won! This is the central message of Kill Bigger. Go toe to toe with the giants and win and build things that are bigger than you. 

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